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6. Sourcing and Manufacturing: A Peek into In.It Apparel's Approach

In the fast-paced world of fashion, sourcing and manufacturing stand as the unsung heroes, often overshadowed by glamorous designs and intricate details. However, these foundational elements dictate the quality, sustainability, and overall success of any apparel brand. At In.It Apparel, we've journeyed through this intricate process, and here's a glimpse of how we navigate the seas of sourcing and manufacturing.

Exploring the Landscape of Manufacturing

Our first step in this expansive world is exploration. Every clothing brand, including ours, must make pivotal decisions about where and how to manufacture. Choices include:

Local Production: While it might seem convenient to produce locally, this choice goes beyond mere proximity. For In.It Apparel, local production symbolises our commitment to the community, reduces our carbon footprint, and ensures a rapid response time.

Overseas Production: Broadening horizons overseas can mean competitive pricing, access to diverse materials, and unique craftsmanship techniques. It's an opportunity to blend global insights with homegrown ideas. However this does come with the trade off of minimum order quantities as well as long lead times.

Small-Batch Manufacturing: This approach resonates with our commitment to quality and exclusivity. Producing in small batches ensures that every piece receives the care it deserves, and it allows us to be agile in responding to market trends.

Navigating the Financial and Quality Maze

Beyond the initial quoted price lies a maze of terms, conditions, and nuances. It's not just about cost—it's about the value each partner brings. Negotiating favourable terms is vital to ensure quality without compromising on the economic feasibility. Furthermore, the true value of a piece of clothing isn't just in its price tag. Production quality—every stitch and print—needs meticulous attention to ensure the end product stands out in a crowd.

The Importance of Seamless Communication

In the intricate ballet of apparel production, clear communication channels are essential. Misunderstandings can lead to errors, both in design and execution. Ensuring open, clear, and timely communication with manufacturing partners guarantees clarity and mutual respect. *Tip - Clearly communicating exactly what you would like to order, style codes, colours, quantity, artwork mock up, will speed up the quoting process with unnecessary back and forth and often offer the best possible pricing.

While designs and trends may catch immediate attention, it's the meticulous processes of sourcing and manufacturing that truly define an apparel brand's legacy. At In.It Apparel, we take pride in every step, ensuring that when you choose our products, you're embracing quality, sustainability, and genuine passion.


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