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Crafting the Ultimate Oversized Hoodie: Inside In.It Apparel’s Design Lab

In these hoodies, we "rough and scary folk" are as young children in the safety of their blankets. In a world where none have the time to hug, to listen, to play... where unless they work every hour of the day then our basic survival isn't assured. The money-system broke us, we broke, we broken... and we need a break.


Oversized hoodie

At In.It Apparel, creating the perfect oversized hoodie isn’t just about comfort—it's about swagger. Here's how we engineer street-ready staples that turn sidewalks into runways.

1. Fabric Selection: We start by selecting robust, breathable materials that aren't just about comfort—they're about surviving the concrete jungle while keeping it sleek.

2. Design with Attitude: Our hoodies boast an oversized cut that's meticulously designed to drape just right—oversized yet tailored, making sure you're runway-ready, even if your runway is the side walk platform.

3. The Prototype Hustle: We tweak and test each prototype in real urban environments—because if it can make it here, it can make it anywhere. It's a mix of fit trials and street-style experiments until every piece is gangbuster.

4. Details with Edge: Every element is chosen to amplify. It’s not just a hoodie; it’s your brand.

5. Rigorous Testing: Before any hoodie hits the streets, it endures a gauntlet of quality checks—because durability isn't an option; it's a must.

6. Release the Beast: Ready to own the streets? Our hoodies come out swinging, ready to for your brand, with options to customise.

Make the city your stage. Check out our full collection and let the streets know you’re here to stay. #getinit with gear that’s as bold as you are!


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