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Drop Shipping Artwork Submissions


Artwork placed on a template to illustrate the size and placement of required print. This will need to be on each style and colour garment required.

This can either be a modeled garment or a flat lay. Mock ups need to be submitted under 1MB.

Placeit is a great tool for creating mock ups as well as sales images.


Artwork for print needs to be submitted as a high resolution png file with transparent background. Ideally these artworks need to be made in the size you wish to print.

Minimum of 300DPI


Submitted artwork and files need to be named according to what you would like to call the artwork. This name is then used to name the product you are selling.

A shared cloud folder by the name of your store name as well as sub folders named according to the name of your artwork is also very helpful.

This will help to speed up the product creation process.


If you're interested in ordering samples before submitting your artwork for drop shipping, we offer a convenient online ordering option through our website, Init Express, and follow the prompts to place your order. Once we receive your order, we'll process it quickly and ship your samples to the address you provided.

Ordering samples before submitting your artwork can be a smart way to ensure that you're satisfied with the quality and functionality of our products. It can also give you the opportunity to make any necessary changes or adjustments to your designs before submitting them for uploading.


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