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The Rise of In.It: Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

In 2015, in South Africa, In.It Apparel started with a unique idea. We wanted to bring cool, international styles to the local music scene. Our story is about growing from music merchandise to a leading name in modern fashion and garment making.

Our beginning was all about music. We aimed to give local music merch a fresh, global twist. We wanted our apparel to be more than just merch - they had to reflect global modern blank apparel trends while keeping our South African heart.

Our goal at the time was to mix international fashion styles with local flair. We weren't just selling clothes; we were connecting South African brands with the world.

Moving our manufacturing in-house in 2020 was a big step. This meant better quality clothes and faster production. It was all about giving our customers what they wanted, quickly and with great quality.

Our early products, included long line tees and baseball tees, these were suprisingly well received and an indication for more mordern styles on the local market. Later, we started doing more than just making apparel. We added DTG printing in 2018 and DTF printing in 2022. We’re even planning to start embroidery soon, along with a new sustainiablity line.

The In.It journey has been about slow, steady growth. We faced challenges every day, but we kept going. Each problem taught us something and made us stronger, we still continue to grow, learn and develope daily.

We’re here to help people start and grow their own brands. We understand that every item we make helps someone chase their dream and we aim to empower every customer both large and small to the best of our ability.

Our story is shaped by everyone we’ve worked with - from bands to corporates. This support has helped us grow and understand the market better. Providing a better service and product.

From our music merch roots, we’ve become a leader within the branded and blank apparel industries. We’re excited about the future and keeping up with the ever changing world.

Stay with us as we keep growing and bringing new ideas to life in the world of fashion.


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