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Our Crystal Ball: Expected trends for the 2024

Fashion is always changing, and our everyday staples like t-shirts and hoodies are at the forefront of this evolution. Here’s what to expect in the coming year.

Emerging Materials and Styles.

Traditionally, when you thought of t-shirts or sweaters, cotton might have been the first material to come to mind. But the next year promises a blend of both innovation and nostalgia.

The classic tee is getting a facelift with textures. Expect to see slub tees with a more organic feel. As for styles, crop tops aren't going anywhere soon, and asymmetric hemlines could be the next big thing.

Oversized hoodies have been all the rage, and they'll continue to dominate. But, a resurgence of vintage styles, with pastel shades and nostalgic prints, is on the cards.

Sustainability, and Inclusivity.

The fashion industry's pivot towards sustainability isn't just a passing trend. As technology advances, our everyday wear will reflect these changes more prominently.

Eco-friendly Dyes and Inks: With a push towards greener practices, expect your tees and hoodies in shades derived from eco-friendly dyes, giving a richer, more natural palette of earthy browns, forest greens, and ocean blues.

Inclusive Sizing: Brands are recognising the demand for inclusivity. Expect a broader range of sizes, ensuring everyone has access to stylish and comfortable attire.

Customisable Wear: Personalisation is key. From QR codes on t-shirts leading to a personalised playlist to prints that change colour according to temperature, tech is making fashion fun and interactive.

While we’re not quite at the point where our sweaters can make coffee, the integration of tech into clothing is undeniable.

The next year promises to be an exciting chapter. With the perfect blend of style, technology, and sustainability, the future looks not just chic, but also smart.


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