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The Art of Keeping Your Prints Prime: Guide to DTG, DTF, and Screen Print Care

Octopus dtg print

In a world where your printed tees can express everything from your love for vintage bands to your penchant for ironic quotes, keeping them as fresh as your playlist is crucial. Let's embark on a journey to ensure your DTG, DTF, and screen-printed apparel remain the conversation starters they're meant to bel

Decoding the Print Mystery: DTG, DTF, and Screen Prints

Quick primer for the uninitiated:

- DTG (Direct to Garment): The detail magician, making your tees look sharper than your witty comebacks.

- DTF (Direct to Film): This technique is like the social butterfly of print methods, sticking well to any fabric it meets.

- Screen Printing: The classic rock of printing techniques—timeless, durable, and always in style.

The Wash Cycle Saga

Turn It Inside Out:

Think of it as protecting your tee's secret identity. Plus, it helps keep the print from getting into skirmishes with zippers and buttons.

Cold Water is Your Ally: Hot water might be great for tea, but for your prints, it's a bit of a drama queen, potentially causing colours to run or fade.

Gentle Cycle: Imagine giving your prints a spa day—low stress, gentle handling, and no rough treatment.

Drying Without the Drama

Air Dry: Letting your tees bask in the ambient air is like giving them a mini vacation. Plus, it avoids the high drama of shrinkage and fading.

Low Heat If You Must: Using a dryer on low is like having a safety net. It's there if you need it, but the real magic happens naturally.

Ironing: Proceed with Caution

Avoid Direct Ironing: Directly ironing on a print is akin to ice skating on thin ice—risky. Use a protective layer or just embrace the wrinkles as part of its charm.

The Zen of Storing

Fold, Don't Hang: Folding your printed apparel is like tucking them into bed. It keeps them cozy, comfortable, and free from the stress of hanging.

Tailored Tips for Each Technique

- DTG Prints: They're a bit like gourmet food; they need a delicate touch, so steer clear of harsh chemicals. Treat these like that one friend who's allergic to everything. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners.

- DTF Prints: Give them a little time before the first wash. It’s like letting a good wine breathe.

- Screen Prints: A pre-wash softens them up, making the print feel like part of the family.

Maintaining the vibrancy and detail of your printed apparel doesn't have to be a chore. With these tips, you'll ensure your garments continue to express your unique style and humour, without fading into the background. Remember, a bit of care goes a long way, and when it comes to keeping your prints in prime condition, a touch of subtlety and a dash of cheekiness can make all the difference. So, #getinit and let your prints do the talking, as loudly or as subtly as you like.


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