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The DTG Diaries: Customer Adventures in Print Placement

Alternative Print Placements
Over Hem DTG Printing

Welcome to the world of Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing, where the only limit is your imagination and occasionally, the physical limits of the shirt. Here at In.It Apparel, we’ve seen it all – from the classic chest print to the daring underarm slogan that makes you wonder about the wearer's flexibility.

1: The Classic Chest – A Love Story We begin with the timeless chest print, a canvas of expression that's close to the heart – literally. It’s the trusted go-to for customers who like to play it safe but still want to make a statement as loud as a rooster’s crow at dawn. After all, who doesn’t want their message read loud and clear in every Zoom meeting or coffee queue?

2: The Eccentric Sleeve – Rolling Up the Fun Then there are the sleeve seekers, the trailblazers who believe that a message runs deep – down the arm, to be precise. Whether it’s a quote that wraps around the arm like a vine or a cascade of emojis that seem to tumble down like a digital waterfall, the sleeve print is for those who love a good arm conversation. And let’s face it, it’s a great way to break the ice, or at least give people something to read while they awkwardly avoid eye contact.

3: The Nape Whisperer – Subtle but Sassy Moving to the nape of the neck, we find the subtle, the sophisticated, the sneaky. This print is for the customers who want to make a quiet but impactful statement, like a librarian who knows judo. It's the whisper in the world of shouts, seen only when you flip your hair with the dramatic flair of a shampoo commercial star.

4: The Lower Back – The “Tramp Stamp” Transformed Ah, the lower back print, once the domain of questionable tattoo decisions, now reclaimed by DTG printing for something far less permanent but equally daring. It's for those who want to leave an impression both coming and going, a parting wink that says, “Yes, I have a sense of humour, and I’m not afraid to print it where you least expect.”

5: The Secret Inside Print – For Your Eyes Only And let’s not forget the secret inside print, for messages that are meant for a select few. Like a secret handshake or an inside joke, this placement is all about the thrill of the reveal. Imagine the power of lifting a hem to display a hidden message; it’s like being a magician, but the only thing you’re conjuring is a smile (or confusion, depending on the complexity of the joke). 6: Over Hem, Across Seams – The DTG Daredevils And for the grand finale, we honour the over-hem and seam-surfing daredevils. These are the customers who challenge us to print over pockets, across hems, and yes, even over the mighty zippers. They remind us that in the realm of DTG, the adventure never ends.

In the end, DTG printing is about creating a piece of wearable art that tells your story, whether it's on the front, back, side, or somewhere only you know about. At In.It, we celebrate the creativity of our customers – because what’s life without a bit of fun stitched into the fabric of our clothes?

So, what's your DTG story going to be? A punchline on a pocket? A sonnet on a sleeve? Whatever it is, we’re here with the technology, ready to bring it to life. Let's get printing and let the garments do the talking!


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