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Printing on a Budget: No-Bull$ Tips to Keep Your Wallet Happy

Colour Screen Print

Navigating the world of custom apparel printing can sometimes feel like playing a strategic board game – you want to win big (stunning prints) without losing your shirt (figuratively speaking, of course). Here are some light-hearted yet practical tips to save money on your DTG, DTF, and Screen Printing orders without compromising on style.


1. White Tees for the Win:

Printing on white tees is the smart choice. It’s like choosing house wine – affordable and does the job well. Less ink, more savings, and you still look cool. Why? It uses about 75% less ink than coloured fabrics. So, think of white tees as your blank canvas - less costly and ready for your splash of creativity.


2. The More, The Merrier (and Cheaper):

Many printing services offer tiered pricing, meaning the more units of the same design you order, the lower the cost per unit. Bulk ordering is an excellent way to reduce overall expenses, particularly for businesses or events where large quantities of the same design are needed. Order more, pay less. It’s like buying pizza for a party – the more you order, the cheaper it gets per slice. Bulk orders make your wallet and your wardrobe happy.


3. Size does matter – This time smaller is better:

The size of your print can directly affect the cost. Smaller prints generally equal lower prices. If your design can be scaled down without losing impact, this could be a smart way to cut costs.


4. Colourful Designs? Think DTG:

If your design has more colours than a pack of Skittles, DTG printing is your go-to. Unlike screen printing, which counts colours like a strict bouncer, DTG welcomes all hues with open arms, no extra charges.


5. Screen Printing: The Bulk Buddy:

Screen printing is great for big orders with a few colours. Think of it as buying in bulk from a wholesale store – the more you buy, the cheaper it is. Just avoid too many colours.!


6. Embroidery: The Fancy Touch:

Similar to screen printing, embroidery costs are influenced by complexity and size. A digitisation fee is applied for each artwork, and costs are calculated based on stitch count. Large or complex designs can be expensive due to the high number of stitches required. Keep this in mind when considering embroidery for your designs.


Remember, great printing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With these tips, you can make smart choices that balance your budget and your creative flair. It's all about getting the best bang for your buck, or in this case, the coolest print for your coin!


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